Verdant Grove

Tired from adventuring Warrior of Light? Come to cafe to relax and have a nice cup of coffee or tea with some treats as a reward!
10k per person for All you can eat! Thursday Only!
Coeurl - Lavander Beds Ward 16 Plot 46
Sundays and Thursdays @ 2pm - 4pm PST


1. No weapons/spells/minions (Keep that outside)
2. No ERP
3. No Violence
4. No racism
5. No harassments. We will warn only once. If continued, we will ban/report you.
6. All gil exchanged in the venue is real, not roleplay. This gil goes towards staff salaries.
7. Please do not spam the chat and emotes, this includes multiple short messages in a row that clog up the chat.
8. Yell/shout chat is for managers and certain workers only.
9. “Looking to Meld Materia” tag are only for managers and workers only.
10. Please do not use Bard Performance. Only our workers can.
11. We are an LGBTQ- friendly so everyone is welcome to be here!


If you are interesting working with us on the café click here!